Why Walk on Fire

Firewalking is an ancient rite of passage for connecting with a higher power. Many cultures have practiced this art seemingly since the dawn of time. The energy of nature, and spirit is all around us, it’s merely amplified during firewalks.

Everyone has various healing, and transformations after attending an event. The results are personal, and vary for each individual.

Firewalking is about breakthroughs. Here is one on the many breakhroughts expeienced by Katie one of our fire tenders after her first firewalk.

Katie had a creative block for many years, and for an extremely artistic person like her it was as if a piece of her heart was missing. Katie's creativity began flowing free again for the first time in nearly a decade after her first firewalk. That alone means more to her than words can express. Her vitiality for life was re-ignited.

Imagine being able to do things that you thought were impossible. Then reach a place where you are doing something you never dreamed of. The new found sense of self is unmatched, therefore leading to a life that’s not limited by judgment, fear, and darkness. There are many boundaries imposed on people by society, culture, and self. Break through them to discover a healthier, happier, and free existence.

Right of Passage - Self Empowerment - Transformation - Awakening - Motivation