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Sweat Lodge

We will also be holding Sweat Lodge (also called purification ceremony, or medicine lodge. which is a ceremonial sauna and is an important event in North American First Nations, but is open to all people.

There are several styles of sweat lodges all over the world not only in North America. We acknowledge and honor UNIVERSAL energies and welcome all.  You may stay for part or all of the event.

Stones are heated in an exterior fire and then placed in a central pit in the ground. Rituals and traditions vary from region to region and from tribe to tribe. They often include prayers, drumming, and offerings to the spirit world.

Through these gathering we start to peel back and remove the layers of fear. We love to watch you take fear and transmute it Finding Excellence And Rejoicing!


We offer this to community because everyone has a right to Peace, Love, Happiness and a Joyful life. There is a truth in each one of us that has been buried. We have been systematically taught from birth to judge, to fear, what to believe, how to act, etc..

Society seeks to limit our beliefs. We are taught that fire burns. We are here to show you that YOU CAN!

If you set a goal and connect with yourself and the environment you can live an unlimited life of joy and freedom.

Do the Impossible! Break the paradigm and unlock your inner strength!

You are not required to walk the fire simply being part of the event is an experince that frees the soul and mind. 


Instructor: Maria Nomikos - Fire Tenders: Danielle Forsythe - Katie Roth